Arriving in San Sebastian, País Vasco

I’m in San Sebastian drinking sidre tonight. I come here not only for sidra exploration, but to eat the whole of San Sebastian cuisine. Pinxtos day and night. Fresh seafood. Incredible meats and cheeses and cheap wine. I’ve only been here for a few hours and I know I could stay here the rest of my life.

It’s raining quite a lot on my first night in town but the water is warm and surfing may still happen. I left Alquezar this morning and dropped my friends in Huesca, where I found such a warming and delicious sight inside the supermarket. Why can’t we have nice things like this back in the States?

High end jamon has so far proven itself worthy of the extra cost; low end simply tastes like everyday prosciutto, while the more expensive varieties are so incredibly savory and fatty, the textural experience defies belief.

The drive along Rio Asabon in Aragon was stunningly beautiful, with murky emerald waters, lush flora and craggy sandstone rock outcrops lining the valley.

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