In Bruges

Famous for it’s canals and romantic scenery, Bruges can also get your drunk. A number of spectacular beer bars and a wide array of bottles available from shops make Brugge a must-visit when in Flanders.

If you want to be romantic and propose marriage, you go to Bruges for a couple of days and ride in a boat at some point. Here you can satisfy your longing for culture and get your drink on without upsetting your partner or spouse. In Bruges you can get away with this. In Brussel’s dirtier imitator Antwerp, you probably can’t. I think some marriages have ended because otherwise smart men convinced their wives to spend three nights drinking at Kulminator while on vacation.


Near the city center, cyclists share the road with automobiles and horse-drawn carriage.


Dozens of different geuze and faro lambik sit on the shelf at de Bier Tempel, including Girardin, De Cam, 3 Fonteinen, Timmermans, Jacobins and Lindemans.


Boon Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek can be had in almost any beer bar in the city.


A gorgeous city of canals, the beauty of simple streets and courtyards is sometimes overlooked.


Staminee de Garre, a Brugge institution, is worth a visit for the wonderful Tripel de Garre from Van Steenberge.


Tripel de Garre 11.5%

Hazy soft body with a full two-inch head. Nose is dusty and full of minerals, candy sugar, Belgian pale malt sugar cookie and touches of tropical fruit phenols. Full-bodied and rich and frothy, sweet taste, a lot of fruit / pear / white grape character, drying minimally over the middle and finish.


Midnight strolls with bottles of De Dolle make for a fun experience after the city goes to sleep.


Fill your suitcase with bottles, glassware, baskets, breweriana and other brick-a-brack from shops ranging from tourist trap t-shirt peddlers to high-end boutique environments. Thankfully most beer and glassware are quite cheap since there’s such a surplus in this beer-rich city.

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