Rittmayer and Kreuzberg


Brauerei Rittmayer Hallerndorf is a difficult favorite brewery of mine. They are capable of making remarkable landbier but they are also wildly inconsistent. At Rittmayer Keller am Kreuzberg I was served sour Dunkles Kellerbier. The next day at the restaurant in Hallerndorf it was clean and toasty.


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Though many in town believe that Rottmayer Hallerndorf makes the Willersdorfer Hausbräu Kellerbier for Landgasthof Hotel Rittmayer Willersdorf.


A short walk up the hill from Rittmayer is their smaller bierkeller, Gartenkeller Rittmayer which is conveniently on the way to Kreuzberg.



Brauhaus am Kreuzberg served disappointingly bad beer. The Zwickelbier was starchy, minerallic and acidic, while the Pilgertrunk, their low-gravity roggenbier, had a strong DMS fault and a grating malt huskiness. I have heard that Kreuzberg is a favorite of many who travel to the area for beer, and I have experienced enough inconsistency myself, such as Rittmayer. So I believe they are capable of making beer of good quality, but I also think they brew simple beers and then don’t take care of them because they sell regardless.

beer nameabvmy score


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