The Beautiful Symmetry of Franconian Brewhouses

Occasionally you have to stop for a minute and take in the sight of the beautiful building you’re about to enter for beer. A combination of old world aesthetics and small town charm prepare the visitor well for the warm and inviting confines you’re likely to find inside these traditional brewhouses.



Brauerei Wagner


Brauerei Hummel


Brauerei-Gasthof Leicht


Brauerei Lieberth


Brauerei Hennemann


Landgasthof Hotel Rittmayer


BJCP-certified beer judge, photographer, and software developer from Boulder, Colorado. I use this site to chronicle my worldwide beer adventures shared through photography and stories, with a focus on traditional old world brewing practices.

5 thoughts on “The Beautiful Symmetry of Franconian Brewhouses

  1. Lovely photographs! Your stories and writing get me excited for visiting Franconia myself.

    If you had 4 days in Bamberg and could travel via foot, bike, or bus, where would you go?

    1. With four days I would be sure not to miss the many excellent breweries south of Bamberg in and around the town of Hallerndorf: Witzgall, Lieberth, Roppelt, Rittmayer and Gänstaller Bräu.

  2. Thank you! Is the Zoiglstube Drei Kronen still the place to get Ganstaller beers? Or is it better to go to Hallerndorf?

    1. The Zoiglstube in Strassgeich closed in December 2013. You can call to schedule a visit at Gänstaller Bräu in Schnaid-Hallerndorf, he continues to operate at the old Friedel brewery.

  3. You can also call in at Café Abseits and Eckert’s in Bamberg to find Gänstaller beers on tap. Eckert’s is a bit upscale and located right on the river, a very short walk from Klosterbräu; Café Abseits is widely considered to be one of the best multi-tap pubs in Germany.

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