Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation

30 km to the northwest of Brussels is the village of Opstal-Buggenhout, where the annual Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation occurs during Spring.  A dozen draft oude and jonge lambik with a number of kriekenlambik and frambozenlambik as well; numerous bottles including rare vintages. Jovial, fun atmosphere and affordable pours. Nowhere else in the world can you sample so many lambik less than 6 months old.

Beer Ratings

Belle-Vue Jonge Lambik 0%
Lemon and wheat-focused young lambik with a soft texture, high sourness and acidity, light to medium sweetness.
Belle-Vue Sélection Lambic 5.2%
Aggressively sour lemon juice and wheat character. Bone dry, very tropical / citrus-heavy. A classic that may never be brewed again.
De Cam Kriek Lambiek 6.5%
Rich cherry character, creamy texture, measured acidity and measured barnyard animal scent.
Cantillon Kriekenlambik 5%
Bloody and metallic cherry / raspberry character. Strongly acidic.
3 Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek 6%
Floral / perfume-heavy cherry aroma. Bottle-to-bottle variation in bacteria / pedio / bile character. Sweet when young.
3 Fonteinen Kriekenlambik 5%
Filtered juice fruit character. Thin body. Simple mustiness from the yeast and bacteria.
De Troch Jonge Lambik 5%
Strong core of browned apples and pears. Low acidity, low carbonation, flabby texture.
Oud Beersel Jonge Lambik 5%
Grassy, grainy, raw smelling lambik. Wort-like.
Boon Oude Lambik 6%
Raw grain and armpit bacteria / BO. Notes of boiled squash and rancid honey.


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