Zámecký Pivovar Detenice

My absolute favorite photograph from travels in the Czech Republic, and one of my favorites of all time, sits permanently at the top of this site:

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Jeff Romain contemplates a glass of beer from Zámecký Pivovar Detenice, a strange but cozy medieval-like brewery and restaurant set amongst the rural farmhouses and fields about 40 miles northeast of Prague. Our visit on a rainy Tuesday night left us the only patrons much of the night. Next to a Texas-sized plate of smoked and grilled meat we were served the rustic and traditional Svetlé 11° (Pilsener, 3.5%) and Cerne 13° (Schrawzbier, 4%). Open fermented in oak barrels, musty and wild and slightly tannic, unfiltered, with just-noticeable diacetyl levels adding a mild but distinct butteriness. The shot above captures one of the great experiences I’ve had out on the road beer traveling. A wider composition below shows more detail of the heartwarming and rustic Zámecký interior.


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