Zoiglstube Kramer-Wolf, Falkenberg

Kramer-Wolf’s front room walls are stunningly yellow, adorned with various musical instruments and farm implements. Luckily the beer is as charming as the house, their Zoigl is lip-smacking and minerally and malty. It’s poured from pressurized keg through a gefälschte barrel, hazed amber gold topped by a fine white head. Fake barrel taps are not uncommon in Oberpfalz or Franconia, though it’s discouraging that more Zoigl houses do not pour Bayrischer Anstich (gravity barrel), at times these Oberpfalz landbier do well served from keg, especial the Kramer-Wolf Zoigl.




Being a member of the city’s Kommunbrauhaus, Kramer-Wolf rotates open weekends with other Zoigl houses in Falkenberg. Consult this site’s Zoigl Kalendar Map for the schedule.


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One thought on “Zoiglstube Kramer-Wolf, Falkenberg

  1. Missed this last time in that area. It wasn’t quite open yet and had family to meet in Saxony later that day. Did get to a a couple great ones in Windischenbach and one in Mitterteich. Falkenberg looked like an interesting town. Hope to return to check the beer out next summer.

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