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Brauerei Lieberth is another favorite but inconsistent Franconian brewer. Their best batches of Lagerbier, Pils and Kellerbier are some of the best in the world, and a perfect example of juicy, soft, hoppy Franconian kellerbier. The batches in the summer are lagered for half the amount of time as batches served in the winter due to demand of daily crowds at the Dorfkeller Lieberth in Hallerndorf.



In years past, brewer Christian Volkmuth would make a heller bock, but thirst for an 8-week lagered classic triple-decoction mashed Franconian strong lager was retired and he now exclusively brews all low gravity pilsner and lagerbier.


In the winter the kellerbier is lagered for up to eight weeks and due to this it is much smoother and the bright Hallertau hop acids and softening yeast make it one of the gems of Franconia. In prime shape, I consider Lieberth Kellerbier among the best in the world. Summer batches lagered for 3-4 weeks are understandably less polished.


At the Dorfkeller you find fish, sausage, potatoes, cabbage and bread on the menu. I ate smoked trout and drank draft kellerbier and Christian was nice enough to bring out bottles of the Pils for us to try as well. He explained that the Pils is only the filtered 100% Pilsner malt kellerbier. We explain that a filtered versus unfiltered comparison is a lesson in sensory perception that everyone should undertake.


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Christian brews a slightly lighter unfiltered Pils for Landgasthof Rittmayer Willersdorfer, a former brewery and now restaurant-hotel with the sam family name as Rittmayer Hallerndorf, but under different ownership (it’s a different Herr Rittmayer, like cousins, I guess).

This Willdersdorfer Hausbräu used to be produced by Rittmayer Hallerndorf until Christian took over the task roughly ten years ago. He refers to this recipe as a Lichte Kellerbier though it sits at 4.5%, pretty much the expected and normal weight for Franconian Kellerbier.


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