Estaminet ‘t Kasteelhof – Cassel

The French village of Cassel in Region du Nord serves as a convenient hub for the beer traveler. We’re visiting this often under-looked classic beer region of the word to survey both the traditional recipes and the burgeoning craft beer renaissance occurring today in France. Like its Belgian brothers to the north there exists a healthy and creative blend of new and old world.

‘t Kasteelhof is a beer-focused classic French restaurant located at the very top of Cassel, overlooking the flat French expanse to the south. To go with the view, they offer a substantial assortment of French bottles to accompany the Flanders cuisine.

St. Sylvestre, La Choulette, Gavroche and Castelain were well-representing. As were newer outfits such as Anosteké / Brasserie du Pays Flamand.

It’s not an exhaustive beer selection, and you won’t find the French classics Brasserie Thiriez or Saint Germain (Page 24). Likewise for any of the newer, hoppier Bière de Garde. For those you should visit the the nearby Racines bottle shop on Rue Bollaert le Gavrian.




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