Florida Bebidas

A large factory near San Jose produces 23 different kinds of swill, some hilariously named for their influence.

Bavaria, not from Bavaria. Bohemia, not from Bohemia. Pilsen, not from Pilsen. Imperial, which is not describing final gravity. Rock Ice, because it has the best name ever. Rock Ice Limon for chelada-style palate-recalibration to get you in the spirit of the country. It’s a decent substitute for shitty margaritas. Rock Ice Golden Monkey is flavored with mangosteen, which is a flower. It’s not flavored with mango, though you wouldn’t know it from the flavor. It tasted like an otter pop.


There’s not much craft beer in Costa Rica as it is, and if you limit yourself to where you can find Guinness or Duvel you may be eating a meal you would rather not. So you go with 33% GRATIS Pilsen tall boys from the Super Joseth on your way to the beach, because beer drinking on the beach is close to the best thing ever and you would be nuts to give a shit about drinking craft beer.

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  1. I might have agreed with this a few years ago, but I encourage you to check it out now. It is time for a revisit because the craft beer revolution has begun in Costa Rica! Craft Beer shops are popping up everywhere, like La Bodega de Chema. They even sell growler refillable bottles and make brew regularly. I am psyched about it and with an expected 6,000 people at the upcoming Oktoberfest, I am not the only one excited. I can’t wait to taste all the new beers on the market! Pura Vida!

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