FrankenBierFest in Rome

The first FrankenBierFest in Rome opened on Friday March 20, 2015, but I was in Copenhagen for a stopover after flying from the Faroe Islands earlier that morning. That morning in Torshavn was my first viewing of a solar eclipse.

I landed in Rome the next day and made my way directly to the festival grounds at la Limonaia di Villa Torlonia. My photographs were being exhibited at the festival, and a book with Manuele Colonna was being announced. But most importantly was the beer: this festival contained the largest and finest selection of Franconian lager ever assembled. This festival allowed for a rare survey of dozens of Franconian beer alongside one alone, old and new, in proper shape, with more beer poured from gravity barrel (Bayrischer Anstich) than from CO2 in a keg (some of which were kegged only for this festival).






Beer List


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