Gänstaller Bräu Brew Day for a new Amber Weizenbock

In August 2014, I spent the day at Gänstaller Bräu while brewmaster Andreas and his daughter Daniela created their new bottom-fermented Amber Weizenbock. These photos are at attic level for steam-off in the coolship, where the last hop addition takes place.





The Amber Weizenbock is 8.1% and 30 IBU, made with American hops, the aroma and taste profile like Double IPA / Wheat IPA but with Bock-like richness and cleanliness given the long lagering.



Daniela is one of the few female brewers in Franconia, having recently received her brewing diploma she now assists dad in the brewhouse. Their first beer made together, which is the only non-Reinheitsgebot beer to come out of the brewery, is a 5.8% golden frankincense myrrh lager.


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