Zoigl Exploration in Erbendorf and Wiesau

We returned to Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) for another taste of Zoiglbier for the first time since Neuhaus’ Tag der Kommonbrauer. For this weekend we follow the Zoigl Kalendar and found a number of new places and some good re-trys. Spalt and Hallertauer hops with generally pilsner and Vienna and Munich. Hop character ranges from spicy and fruity and open fermentation sometimes give Zoiglbier a gaminess or mustiness. Kommunbraurei by their nature are small and local operations. Some are no more than sheds with a cool ship.

Zoiglstub’n beim Meislbeck, Erbendorf

Zoiglstub’n beim Meislbeck in Erbendorf was serving a Zoigl from the private brewery Hösl in Mitterteich.

Communbräu-Zoigl (Hösl Mitterteich) 5.5%

Contrary to the many bottle ratings was splendidly juicy and creamy, no doubt a completely different beer on tap fresh than bottled. It was a good example to start out with and our spirits became high.


Zoigl Stefflwirt, Wiesau

Friedenfelser Steinwald Zoigl 4.8%
A frothy mug of Zoigl at Stefflwirt in Wiesau. A more tart, more dry, slightly grainy / husky and minerallic beer with a touch of green / raw hops and pronounced “barnyard” scents (animal fur, dust, crops, air, that whole thing…)


Zoiglbauer, Mitterteich

Kommunbrauerei Mitterteich Zoiglbauer 5.2%
Zoiglbauer in Mitterteich. frothy, full-bodied and rich with a spicy peppercorn Spalt hop note and a strangely bacterial mustiness and tartness.


Zoigl Zum Posterer in Windischeschenbach

Kommunbrauhaus Windischeschenbach Posterer Zoigl 5.1%
Zoigl Zum Posterer in Windischeschenbach. their Zoigl was toasty, spicy, juicy, full-bodied and frothy; a toffee cracker and sugar-glazed almond pastry sort-of experience.


Wolframstub’n, Windischeschenbach

Wolframstubn Zoigl 5%
Wolframstub’n in Windischeschenbach served a spicy, herbal, floral potpourri sort-of Zoiglbier with touches of nectarine / peach / citrus nectar with tart yeast and “crunchy” dry malt.


Zoiglstubn beim Brucksaler, Neustadt an der Waldnaab

It was raining by the time we showed up. The inside is a house. A hallway with coat racks and a staircase somewhere upstairs. Small quarters with fun locals sharing mugs of beer and small snack plates. Breads and meats.

Brucksaler Zoigl 5%
The Zoiglbier was floral and grassy and fruity but also husky and grainy and a little bit sulfuric. It’s not made on site, it’s actually brewer by Wolframstub’n in Windischeschenbach.


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4 thoughts on “Zoigl Exploration in Erbendorf and Wiesau

  1. “Upper Palpatine” is the top half of a character from Star Wars. The translation into English should be “Upper Palatinate.” Also, Tag der Kommunbrauer is celebrated only by the Neuhaus Zoigl-Stub’n, annually on October 3. Windischeschenbach’s Zoigl community doesn’t participate. The only other Zoigl town with a similar brewfest is Mitterteich, where an annual Kommunbrauertag takes place in September.

  2. I was wondering if you’ve tried the Zoigl from Braurei Püttner in Schlammersdorf (near Creußen) before. I didn’t get a chance to try too many while I was in Germany, but I liked this one…and curious to see what you guys think. They have a hotel & a restaurant on-site, and it was the closest restaurant to my work, so we were there often. :)
    Next time I can go to Germany, I’ll be sure to stop by the places you guys recommend!

    1. I have tried the Püttner Zoigl Dunkel at Zoiglstubn zum Glöckerlbauer in Weiden. I thought it was nicely malty with good noble hop expression (lemon and apricot), though the glass I had was a little bready-doughy. Wasn’t one of my absolute favorites but I thought it was solid and would try it again given the chance.

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